Travel Advances & Reimbursements

Travel Reimbursements

It is the traveler's responsibility to submit complete information and receipts to the ICB Travel Coordinator. If insufficient information is given, or required receipts are missing, travelers will be contacted and asked to provide them. Required information includes:

  • Airline (even if directly billed to the ICB)
  • Rental car, rail, bus, airbus
  • Local transportation costs (taxis)
  • Itemized hotel receipts (credit card and carbon copies are not accepted in lieu of the original itemized receipt, often called a "folio" by the hotel)
  • Itemized meal receipts (may not include alcohol, and may not exceed $71 per day for domestic travel)
  • Conference registration documentation

It is the traveler's repsonsiblity to know the UC Travel Policy and to adhere to guidelines.

Effective July 7, 2015, travelers have 45 days to submit their reimbursements. Please note the 45 day limit is from the date you return from travel, or from the date of the entertainment event. This includes processing time for the staff in the ICB to process your reimbursement, and submit to Business and Financial Services on your behalf. The ICB will require 10 calendar days to process reimbursement requests. All reimbursement requests will need to be submitted to us no later than 35 calendar days after the expense occurred.

Travel Advance

A travel advance is money issued to you on your behalf for an upcoming trip. To obtain a travel advance, complete the travel advance form. If you have incurred expenses for a trip that is more than 30 days in the future you may use a travel advance to reimburse yourself for your expenses. If seeking reimbursement for expenses already incurred on a future trip, you will be asked to provide original documentation with your advance worksheet.

Travel advances must be cleared within 45 days after returning from travel. To clear you travel you must turn in a reimbursement worksheet and include all receipts. Even if you are not seeking additional monies you are still required to clear your travel advance. 

Per Diem

Domestic travel does not allow per diem, only actuals are reimbursed (up to $71 per day). For foreign travel you may claim per diems based on the country of travel, and time of year. To claim a per diem you must include a print out of the federal per diem rate as part of your reimbursement documentation. 

Foreign Currency

If you are seeking a reimbursement in a foreign currency you must include a currency conversion for each receipt. To obtain the currency conversion you can visit Oanda Currency Conversion and Foreign Exchange Rates. On the conversion calcuator you will select the currency your receipt is in as "The Currency You Have" and select USD as the "Currency You Want," change the date to match the date on your receipt, and print.