Biomolecular Analysis and Characterization in Nanofluidic Channels

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Schematic of envisioned hand-held diagnostic device for biomolecule analysis. Sample enters the device, and an electropherogram that corresponds to a unique biomolecular signature displays on the screen.

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In this research, we aim to develop a nanofluidic-based technology for biomolecules. Such a tool will enable breakthrough analysis of biomolecules, for example, equilibrium and kinetic protein and peptide studies, allowing for the determination of equilibrium and kinetic constants that are difficult to obtain via conventional analytical tools. We will embark on a fundamental experimental and theoretical study to determine the underlying physics involved with label-free biomolecule transport, adsorption and kinetics at the nanoscale, as well as develop the tool for eventual use by the Army to determine DNA and peptide-based molecular recognition sensors for biological warfare agents. This tool will be based both on nanofluidic technology, as well as robust COMSOL simulations.



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