Improving the Fundamentals of Protein Catalyzed Capture Agents

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A protein catalyzed capture agent (PCC Agent) is shown, to scale, next to a monoclonal antibody (IgG). The PCC Agent is approximately 1/40 of the molecular weight of the antibody.

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This ICB Project focuses on the development of a highly precise chemical approach towards building molecular ligands designed to exhibit a high selectivity and a high affinity towards specific molecules and biomolecules that can pose threats to, as examples, food and water safety. The ligands, called Protein Catalyzed Capture Agents, or PCC Agents, are designed to exhibit, or even outperform, the best traits of monoclonal antibodies, but to have the added benefits of stability against physical and biological conditions that would normally degrade antibodies. The base technology enables a host of DoD and non-DoD applications.



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