The Aerospace Corporation


Aerospace's vision is to be the leading architect of the country's national-security space program and a principal technical resource for programs of national significance.

The Aerospace Corporation was created in 1960 because Congress recognized the need for an independent organization, free from conflict of interest, to oversee space and missile programs for the United States Air Force. Aerospace is a nonprofit company that operates a federally funded research and development center for the Air Force and also works with other government agencies and commercial firms. Our dedicated engineers and scientists work independently and objectively to ensure continued access to, and operations in space for our nation?s military and for civil and commercial organizations working in the national interest. From its inception, Aerospace has focused on the government?s need to develop the most reliable and robust space systems at thelowest prudent cost. Our involvement reduces the risk of launch failure and increases on-orbit satellite endurance.

Aerospace participates in every facet of design, development, and operation of national-security space systems, including systems engineering, analysis and development; acquisition support; launch certification; anomaly resolution; new technology application for existing and next-generation space systems; and research and testing at state-of-the-art laboratories staffed by some of the leading scientists in the world.

As a trusted agent to our military for more than 40 years, The Aerospace Corporation has provided broad program support and problem-specific solutions across the full spectrum of national-security space. Today we are helping to transform our nation?s military capabilities by engineering the data-sharing networks and systems that will integrate all branches of the military?enhancing communication and responsiveness to threats abroad and at home.