Cynvenio Biosystems, LLC

The capability to separate and isolate particular molecules, viruses, bacteria and mammalian cells, from a large background of complex mixtures, at very high throughput, purity and recovery is a key biotechnological capability. Such bioseparation technologies have very broad applications ranging from molecular diagnostics to transplant therapies. Currently, widely used methods for cell sorting include fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) and magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS). Unfortunately, neither technology is well suited for high performance cell sorting in a portable and disposable platform. A key goal of Cynvenio is to develop and commercialize novel bioseparation systems that achieve unprecedented levels of throughput without compromising cell purity and recovery.

Cynvenio's innovative Micro-Magnetic Separation (MMS) platform uses patented techniques to reproducibly create large magnetic force fields within our proprietary microfluidic devices. This product is intended for the laboratory research market and consists of disposable sorting cartridges and the companion instrument. The system requires no sterilization and can be mastered in 20 minutes by personnel with minimal laboratory training. The MMS provides walk-away automation and eliminates human intervention for labor-intensive procedures such as centrifugation, washing, pipetting and sample transportation. Because the whole process takes place in a sealed microfluidic cartridge there is minimal risk of cross contamination. The MMS provides superior sample purity and recovery at a higher throughput than legacy systems, and is effective with several complex samples including bodily fluids (e.g. blood, serum or saliva), milk, water, and other liquefied foods or industrial process components.