Virus Engineering to Self-assemble Hybrid Biological and Electronic Materials

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Virus based Li-O2 battery model to power the future electric vehicle.

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We investigated high energy density storage devices to deliver a power source for army needs. In addition to improve the currently available Li ion batteries, we focused on Li-O2 battery, as it can improve the current energy density provided by Li ion batteries by three times (~900 Wh/kgcell). The catalyst structures for energy efficient Li-O2 battery were suggested by forming a nanocomposite with a versatile tool, M13 virus. Furthermore, we formed fully integrated bio-templated cells which have cathodes in lithiated state thus enabling a biodirected full battery. We also investigated bio-templated cathode materials for Sodium-ion battery as an alternative for safe, low cost, and high energy density energy storage device for army needs. We expect that the biologically enabled battery synthesis process would fulfill the needs for long range, high capacity and long cycle life batteries to greatly reduce the load of soldier in the field.



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