Self-assembled Conformable 3D Networks for Hybrid Electronic Materials

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Nickel coated virus structure. This is a metal nano-foam made using viruses. The lines you see are cables of M13 Bacteriophage – a virus which is harmless to people – which have been coated with metal. The white bar is one micron, or one-millionth of a meter, long.

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The fabrication of organic (M13 virus, DNA)/inorganic 3-dimensional assemblies for conformable power supply is the main focus of this program. To form mechanically robust and chemically versatile 3D networks, carbon based materials (CNT, graphene) were selected to be applied as framing elements. In addition, covalently cross-linked M13 viruses provide mineralizing gel scaffold for 3D inorganic network. These structures will be engineered to incorporate redox active materials that will serve to make electroactive networks with optimal properties and cycle life.  



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