A bio-facilitated synthetic route for nano-structured complex electrode materials

We investigate an energy-efficient synthesis that merges the bio-templated technique and solid-state reactions to produce nano-structured lithiated polyanions. With the aid of bio-templates based on an M13 virus, the thermal budget of an annealing process can be reduced, and the nano-structured characteristics of the precursors are preserved in the product. This method enables us to successfully prepare monoclinic LiMnBO3 with an average particle size of 20 nm in a 1 h annealing process, showing improved electrochemical properties compared with the conventionally synthesized one. Thus, we consider that this bio-facilitated method can open up an environmentally-friendly pathway to produce nano-structured electrode materials with an enhanced performance.

Moradi, M., Kim, J.C., Qi, J., Xu, K., Li, X., Ceder, G. and Belcher, A.
Green Chemistry
Volume: 18
Pages: 2619-2624
Date: February, 2016
ICB Affiliated Authors: Angela M Belcher