A cocktail of thermally stable, chemically synthesized capture agents for the efficient detection of anti-gp41 antibodies from human sera

We report on a method to improve in vitro diagnostic assays that detect immune response, with specific application to HIV-1. The inherent polyclonal diversity of the humoral immune response was addressed by using sequential in situ click chemistry to develop a cocktail of peptide-based capture agents, the components of which were raised against different, representative anti-HIV antibodies that bind to a conserved epitope of the HIV-1 envelope protein gp41. The cocktail was used to detect anti-HIV-1 antibodies from a panel of sera collected from HIV-positive patients, with improved signal-to-noise ratio relative to the gold standard commercial recombinant protein antigen. The capture agents were stable when stored as a powder for two months at temperatures close to 60oC.

J. A. Pfeilsticker, A. Umeda, B. Farrow, C. L. Hsueh, K. M. Deyle, J. T. Kim, B. T. Lai, and J. R. Heath
PLoS One
Volume: 8
Number: 10
Pages: e76224
Date: January, 2013
ICB Affiliated Authors: James R Heath