Conjugated Oligoelectrolytes: Materials for Acceleration of Whole Cell Biocatalysis

Biocatalysis refers to the application of enzymes or whole cells in chemical synthesis.1 Such bioconversion processes provide advantages that include mild reaction conditions, the capability for multistep reactions, high stereo-, regio-, and chemoselectivity, and relatively inexpensive purification protocols.2–4 Whole cell biocatalysis specifically is advanta- geous since the natural environment for enzymes and the ability of cells to regenerate cofactors are maintained.5–7

Bing Wang, Stephanie L. Fronk, Zachary D. Rengert, Jakkarin Limwongyut and Guillermo C. Bazan
Chemistry of Materials
Volume: 30
Number: 17
Pages: 5836–5840
Date: August, 2018
ICB Affiliated Authors: Guillermo C Bazan