Controlled drug release to cancer cells from modular one-photon visible light-responsive micellar system

We present a one-photon visible light-responsive micellar system for efficient, on-demand delivery of small molecules. Release is mediated by a novel class of photochromic material – donor–acceptor Stenhouse adducts (DASAs). We demonstrate controlled delivery of small molecules such as the chemotherapeutic agent (paclitaxel) to human breast cancer cells triggered by micellar switching with low intensity, visible light.

Poelma, S.O., Oh, S.S., Helmy, S., Knight, A.S., Burnett, G.L., Soh, H.T., Hawker, C.J. and de Alaniz, J.R.
Chemical Communications
Volume: 52
Number: 69
Pages: 10525-10528
Date: August, 2016
ICB Affiliated Authors: Craig J Hawker, Hyongsok (Tom) Soh