Degradation of Akt using protein-catalyzed capture agents

Abnormal signaling of the protein kinase Akt has been shown to contribute to human diseases such as diabetes and cancer, but Akt has proven to be a challenging target for drugging. Using iterative in situ click chemistry, we recently developed multiple protein-catalyzed capture (PCC) agents that allosterically modulate Akt enzymatic activity in a protein-based assay. Here, we utilize similar PCCs to exploit endogenous protein degradation pathways. We use the modularity of the anti-Akt PCCs to prepare proteolysis targeting chimeric molecules that are shown to promote the rapid degradation of Akt in live cancer cells. These novel proteolysis targeting chimeric molecules demonstrate that the epitope targeting selectivity of PCCs can be coupled with non-traditional drugging moieties to inhibit challenging targets.

Henning, R. K., Varghese, J. O., Das, S., Nag, A. Tang, G., Tang, K., Sutherland, A. M. and Heath, J. R.
Journal of Peptide Science
Volume: 22
Number: 4
Pages: 196-200
Date: April, 2015
ICB Affiliated Authors: James R Heath