Eutectic syntheses of graphitic carbon with high pyrazinic nitrogen content

Mixtures of phenols/ketones and urea show eutectic behavior upon gentle heating. These mixtures possess liquid-crystalline-like phases that can be processed. The architecture of phenol/ketone acts as structure-donating motif, while urea serves as melting-point reduction agent. Condensation at elevated temperatures results in nitrogen-containing carbons with remarkably high nitrogen content of mainly pyrazinic nature.

Fechler, N., Zussblatt, N. P., Rothe, R., Schlögl, R., Willinger, M.-G., Chmelka, B. F. and Antonietti, M.
Advanced Materials
Volume: 28
Number: 6
Pages: 1287-1294
Date: February, 2016
ICB Affiliated Authors: Bradley F Chmelka