A facile synthesis of catechol-functionalized poly(ethylene oxide) block and random copolymers

Herein we develop a facile synthetic strategy for the functionalization of well-defined polyether copolymers with control over the number and location of catechol groups. Previously, the functionalization of polyethylene oxide (PEO)-based polymers with catechols has been limited to functionalization of the chain ends only, hampering the synthesis of adhesive and antifouling materials based on this platform. To address this challenge, we describe an efficient and high-yielding route to catechol-functionalized polyethers, which could allow the effects of polymer architecture, molecular weight, and catechol incorporation on the adhesive properties of surface-anchored PEO to be studied.

Mattson, K. M., Latimer, A. A., McGrath, A. J., Lynd, N. A., Lundberg, P., Hudson, Z. M. and Hawker, C. J.
Polymer Chemistry
Volume: 53
Number: 23
Pages: 2685-2692
Date: July, 2015
ICB Affiliated Authors: Craig J Hawker