High-rate continuous synthesis of nanocrystalline perovskites and metal oxides in a colliding vapor stream of microdroplets

A high-rate, continuous synthesis of functional nanomaterials using a home engineered reactor is reported. The reactor is able to produce low-cost, kilogram-scale BaTiO3 nanopowders with a nanocrystalline particle size less than 30 nm at mild temperatures (<100 °C) and ambient pressure. Nebulization and collision of warm microdroplets (60–80 °C) of Ba(OH)2 and Ti(O-nBu)4 very quickly result in total hydrolysis and subsequent conversion to BaTiO3, yielding 1.3 kg/day of high purity, highly crystalline nanoparticles (25–30 nm). This synthesis procedure also enables high-rate production of TiO2 anatase (2.9 kg/day). It therefore provides a general platform for processing and scaling up of functional inorganic nanomaterials under very mild conditions.

T. Ould-Ely, L. Kaplan-Reinig, and D. E. Morse
Adv. Funct. Mater.
Volume: 24
Number: 9
Pages: 1275–1282
Date: March, 2014
ICB Affiliated Authors: Daniel E Morse