Low temperature growth and laser-induced phase transformation of perovskite oxide films for uncooled IR detector applications

Pyroelectric infrared (IR) detectors based on perovskite oxides are of interest in part because of their lack of need for cooling, which makes them relatively more affordable and operationally simpler than cooled photon detector systems. We are investigating two methods for low-cost growth of perovskite oxide thin films, namely, a bio-inspired, low-temperature synthesis method and a modified industry-standard metalorganic solution deposition (MOSD) method. Subsequent to film synthesis, we utilize direct-write laser phase conversion and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) fabrication for development of an uncooled IR focal plane array (FPA). Film growth, crystallization and MEMS processes are compatible with monolithic integration of the detector pixels directly onto Si readout integrated circuits (ROICs).

Sarney, W., Little, J., Livingston, F., Niesz, K., Cole, M., Morse, D.
Proceedings of the Materials Research Society Symposium
Volume: 1199
Date: August, 2010
ICB Affiliated Authors: Daniel E Morse