Mapping the membrane proteome of anaerobic fungi identifies a wealth of carbohydrate binding proteins and transporters

Engineered cell factories that convert biomass into value-added compounds are emerging as a timely alternative to petroleum-based industries. Although often overlooked, integral membrane proteins such as solute transporters are pivotal for engineering efficient microbial chassis. Anaerobic gut fungi, adapted to degrade raw plant biomass in the intestines of herbivores, are a potential source of valuable transporters for biotechnology, yet very little is known about the membrane constituents of these non-conventional organisms. Here, we mined the transcriptome of three recently isolated strains of anaerobic fungi to identify membrane proteins responsible for sensing and transporting biomass hydrolysates within a competitive and rather extreme environment.

Seppala, S., Solomon, K.V., Gilmore, S.P., Henske, J.K. and O’Malley, M.A.
Microbial Cell Factories
Volume: 15
Number: 212
Date: December, 2016
ICB Affiliated Authors: Michelle A O'Malley