Michaelis-Menten speeds up tau-leaping under a wide range of conditions

This paper examines the benefits of Michaelis–Menten model reduction techniques in stochastic tau-leaping simulations. Results show that although the conditions for the validity of the reductions for tau-leaping remain the same as those for the stochastic simulation algorithm (SSA), the reductions result in a substantial speed-up for tau-leaping under a different range of conditions than they do for SSA. The reason of this discrepancy is that the time steps for SSA and for tau-leaping are determined by different properties of system dynamics.

Wu, S., Fu, J., Cao, Y., Petzold, L.
Journal of Chemical Physics
Volume: 134
Pages: 134112
Date: April, 2011
ICB Affiliated Authors: Linda R Petzold