Solution Mask Liquid Lithography (SMaLL) for One-Step, Multimaterial 3D Printing

A novel methodology for printing 3D objects with spatially resolved mechanical and chemical properties is reported. Photochromic molecules are used to control polymerization through coherent bleaching fronts, providing large depths of cure and rapid build rates without the need for moving parts. The coupling of these photoswitches with resin mixtures containing orthogonal photo-crosslinking systems allows simultaneous and selective curing of multiple networks, providing access to 3D objects with chemically and mechanically distinct domains. The power of this approach is showcased through the one-step fabrication of bioinspired soft joints and mechanically reinforced “brick-and-mortar” structures.

Neil D. Dolinski, Zachariah A. Page, E. Benjamin Callaway, Fabian Eisenreich, Ronnie V. Garcia, Roberto Chavez, David P. Bothman, Stefan Hecht, Frank W. Zok, and Craig J. Hawker
Advanced Materials
Volume: 30
Pages: 1800364
Date: June, 2018
ICB Affiliated Authors: Craig J Hawker, Frank Zok