Solvent-Free Synthesis of High-Performance Polyhexahydrotriazine (PHT) Thermosets

Polyhexahydrotriazines (PHT) are promising high-performance thermosets exhibiting enhanced thermal and mechanical properties. Here, we demonstrate a new solvent-free approach for the fabrication of PHT based on low-melting-point diamines enabling the production of adhesives with comparable properties to well-established epoxy adhesives. Structure–property relationships were supported by small molecule model reactions that mimic the cross-linking hexahydrotriazine (HT) cores and allowed the unique reactivity of benzylamine building blocks to be demonstrated. Through a variety of spectroscopic and physical techniques, this increased molecular level understanding of monomer design led to the ability to tune acidic degradation and thermal properties.

Revital Kaminker, Benjamin Callaway, Neil D. Dolinski, Stephanie M. Barbon, Masashi Shibata, Hengbin Wang, Jerry Hu and Craig J. Hawker
Chemistry of Materials
Volume: 30
Number: 22
Pages: 8352–8358
Date: November, 2018
ICB Affiliated Authors: Craig J Hawker