The time dependent propensity function for acceleration of spatial stochastic simulation of reaction–diffusion systems

The inhomogeneous stochastic simulation algorithm (ISSA) is a fundamental method for spatial stochastic simulation. However, when diffusion events occur more frequently than reaction events, simulating the diffusion events by ISSA is quite costly. To reduce this cost, we propose to use the time dependent propensity function in each step. In this way we can avoid simulating individual diffusion events, and use the time interval between two adjacent reaction events as the simulation stepsize. We demonstrate that the new algorithm can achieve orders of magnitude efficiency gains over widely-used exact algorithms, scales well with increasing grid resolution, and maintains a high level of accuracy.

J. Fu, S. Wu, Hong Li, L. R. Petzold
Journal of Computational Physics
Volume: 274
Pages: 524-249
Date: October, 2014
ICB Affiliated Authors: Linda R Petzold