ICB Task Orders

Network analysis of functional RNA sequences. Project: Macromolecular Design from Sequence-Activity Analysis.

Projects in this task order aim to develop breakthrough methods and to generate new insights for complex cellular operations—using both ‘reverse engineering’ and ‘forward engineering’ approaches that combine quantitative experiment and computational modeling—to enable designed manipulation of cell behavior in bacterial populations and in mammalian tissues.

Tunable color of cells in squid skin. Project: Bio-inspired, Electrically Switchable, Polymer-based Infrared Shutter Based on Reflectance and Color Switches in Squid Skin.

Projects in this task order are united in their focus on the basic scientific mechanisms governing the interaction of energy with materials and, specifically, the transport and transduction of electrons and photons through materials and at interfaces, in the regime described by Maxwell’s equations.

Projects in this task order develop new techniques, materials, processes, and ways of thinking that accelerate the development and characterization of complex molecular and cellular systems.

Projects in this task order use neuroscience tools and innovative behavioral paradigms to advance our fundamental understanding of the neural systems that support cognitive processes, which are particularly relevant to challenges faced by the soldier. 

This task order aims to develop breakthrough waste mitigation and or commodity chemical production using bio-processing from natural microbial communities.

ICB Medical Research consists of projects investigating coagulopathy, heat stroke and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).