Novel Polymer Additives and Graded Structures Towards Enhanced Functional Materials

Dr. Joshua Orlicki

Presented by: 

The Institute of Collaborative Biotechnologies and the Materials Department at UCSB in the Inaugural Seminar of the ICB Distinguished Army Scientist Seminar Series


Dr. Joshua Orlicki
Macromolecular Science & Technology Branch, WMRD
U.S. Army Research Laboratory


May 23, 2014


3:45PM to 5:00PM


Engineering Science Building, UCSB, #1001


Researchers at the Army Research Laboratory are continually pursuing multifunctional materials, or those that exhibit expanded performance envelopes. This talk will highlight two programs of differing maturities, representing both established and emerging approaches to multi-functional materials development.


The first topic will summarize the development of hyperbranched polymer based additives for bulk polymer systems which have been developed to control the surface chemistry of polymer films. The materials exhibit a thermodynamically driven surface segregation capability, along with the ability to deliver targeted functional groups to the film surface. Performance in model polymer and fully formulated coating systems will be discussed for a number of potential applications, ranging from chemical sensing to antimicrobial action to surface passivation.

The second topic will provide a snapshot of current efforts towards the investigation of monolithic graded polymeric materials, primarily as a test-bed for model physical testing development. The use of photo-polymerization to prepare persistent gradients in both traditional and dual-cure thermoset systems was investigated. The micro-scale chemical and physical properties of these systems were correlated, and were compared to the macroscale performance of the graded polymer monoliths.


Joshua A. Orlicki is a polymer chemist for the Materials Design and Synthesis Team at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. He joined ARL in 2002 as a post-doctoral researcher, and was hired as a federal employee in February of 2005. His undergraduate study was performed at Bradley University in Peoria, IL, where Bachelors of Science were earned in both Chemistry and Biochemistry. Graduate work was conducted at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under the direction of Professor Jeffrey S. Moore, in the general area of polymer chemistry.

Since joining ARL Dr. Orlicki has contributed to a number of programs, including those focused on the control of surface properties for multi-functional coatings through the development of polymer-based additives. This work has led to two patent filings and in part led to the receipt of a 2006 Research and Development Achievement Award for the development of multi-functional coatings. He has also worked extensively on the development of electro-optical materials that, in collaboration with SEDD colleagues, led to a second Research and Development Achievement Award in 2009. In addition, he has worked in areas ranging from the evaluation of VOC release from composite systems to fiber surface modification with application towards improving ballistic fabric performance.