The ICB’s Christopher Voigt is Awarded 2014 National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellowship

December 15, 2014
Christopher Voigt

Christopher Voigt, Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT is named one of ten distinguished university faculty scientists and engineers who will form the 2014 class of the Department of Defense’s National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellows (NSSEFF) program. Voigt, who is an ICB Systems and Synthetic Biology Project Leader is also on the faculty of the Synthetic Biology Center at MIT.

The NSSEFF program, which is the longest and largest single principal investigator basic research grant funded within the DOD, provides grants to top-tier researchers from U.S. universities to conduct long-term, unclassified, basic research of strategic importance to the Department of Defense. Each fellow will receive up to $3 million of research support for up to five years, enabling transformative research. The fellows conduct basic research in core science and engineering disciplines that underpin future DOD technology development.

In addition to conducting this unclassified research, the NSSEFF program includes opportunities for fellows to participate in the DOD research enterprise and share their knowledge and insight with DOD military and civilian leaders, researchers in DOD laboratories, and the national security science and engineering community.