Name and position Phone and email
Christine Griffin, Chief Operating & Financial Officer 805-893-6058
Kelsey Van Eyck, Operations & Support Analyst 805-893-4546
Brett Beisecker, Financial Manager 805-893-3705
Joel Evans, Financial Analyst 805-893-7002
Elliott Hong, Financial & Procurement Assistant 805-893-4571
Tiffany Higbee, Contracts & Grants Manager 805-893-4856
Dillon Kent-Yuhasz, Contracts & Grants Analyst 805-893-5069
Shayna Ingram, Personnel Manager 805-893-7133
Bailey Clincy, Payroll and Research Administration Assistant 805-893-3198
John Bushnell, High Performance Computing Systems Administrator 805-450-0882
Stephanie Lupo, SABRE Program Coordinator 805-893-8334
Hailey Allison, Senior Editor
Brenda Nance, Principal Editor 805-729-0918