November 9, 2018
ICB Bio-Enabled Materials Project Leader, Guillermo Bazan is featured in the journal Advanced Materials 2018 Hall of Fame, a series of invited review-type articles that takes a snapshot of the leading research and best insights materials science has to offer while acting as a touchstone for future materials researchers.
October 3, 2018
Frances H. Arnold, an ICB–Caltech project leader and biochemical engineer, won the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work in the directed evolution of enzymes. Inspired by the biological processes that drive natural selection, Arnold’s pioneering technique emulates natural selection by breeding proteins with desirable traits through the application of random mutagenesis and rapid mutant screening.
July 30, 2018
ICB project leader and UCSB chemistry professor Songi Han has been awarded the Biophysical Society (BPS) Innovation Award for her inventions of solid-state and time-domain-capable dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) instrumentation and of Overhauser dynamic nuclear polarization to characterize surface water in biological and soft materials.
February 7, 2018
Glenn H. Fredrickson, an ICB Project Leader and professor of UCSB’s Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Research Laboratory, researches new ways to simulate the structures soft materials, like polymers and complex liquids, for use in plastics and consumer goods. This involves studying the chemical structure of the monomers and other building blocks that help make up polymers.
November 11, 2017
The new bioengineering building at UCSB, which was formally approved in April of 2011 had it’s grand opening on Thursday, October 19th with a ribbon cutting ceremony and reception which included comments from the ICB’s co-Director Brad Chmelka and ICB former Director and current John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University Dean Frank Doyle.
October 1, 2017
Bradley Chmelka, Guido Pintacuda, and colleagues crank up the speed of magic-angle spinning to overcome the proton coupling issue, sharpening lines. Using only 0.5 mg of sample, the researchers successfully assign many proton resonances in a fully protonated heptahelical transmembrane protein, proteorhodopsin, in native-like lipid bilayers.
September 20, 2017
ICB, Caltech project leader and biochemical engineer Frances Arnold, is being honored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) for paving the way for other women in chemical engineering and for her significant contributions to chemical engineering research over the course of her career—revolutionizing the way researchers design more effective drugs and create cleaner industrial processes.
July 1, 2017
On October 1, 2017 the ICB’s Caltech campus leader, David Tirrell, will become Caltech’s tenth provost, pursuant to Board of Trustees approval in July. David has been part of the ICB since its inception in 2003, also serving as the ICB’s Biotechnology Tools task order Co-Leader.  
February 17, 2017
ICB project leader and lead author of a study that was recently published in the journal Chem, Guillermo Bazan and his team of researchers at UCSB chemically modified the bacteria Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 to increase its energy production capabilities. This research could lead to another way for wastewater treatment plants to not only decontaminate water but to also generate some of their own power without many of the curent limitations.
October 5, 2016
ICB Systems and Synthetic Biology Project Leader since 2014, Irene Chen has received the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director’s New Innovator Award for her cutting-edge research on bacteriophages (phages), viruses that infect bacteria and are therefore natural predators of bacteria—the potential being phage-based alternatives to antibiotics.